Responsive Leasing and Facilities Management.

Our facilities team has decades of experience in negotiating mutually-agreeable leases that meet our customers’ financial and space requirements, and also accommodate any future changes in the size and type of space required. We have had great success in tailoring commitments for a wide variety of entities, including airports, airlines, freight forwarders, freight handlers and government agencies.


An Experienced Design and Construction Team.

With our extensive knowledge of transportation facility requirements, we’re able to plan each project for maximum effectiveness. By assembling and maintaining a team of experienced architectural, engineering and general contracting professionals, we can readily adapt our facilities to meet changing market demands and customer needs.


AFCO Means Financing Firepower.

Our primary goal is to find the financing solution that works best for you. We arrange financing through any number of sources — including banks and insurance company loans, mortgage-securitized loans, taxable and tax-exempt bonds and private equity. Whichever financing method is selected, our goal is to free your capital so you can use it for your core business purposes.


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